<![CDATA[Mr. Seekell's Algebra Site - Blog]]>Thu, 03 Dec 2015 08:04:39 -0800Weebly<![CDATA[A little about me...]]>Sun, 30 Aug 2015 10:56:56 GMThttp://seekellmath.weebly.com/blog/a-little-about-meSimilar to how a mutt is a mixed breed dog, that is how I am with music...I guess I am a musical mutt.  Currently I play the trumpet, piano, guitar, and sing a bit.  I used to play the clarinet, french horn, and violin.  I enjoy most styles of music, the really old classical stuff up to the contemporary.  Music and math go together, maybe that's why it makes so much sense to me, they are both all about patterns.

Well, that is enough about me for now...please feel free to tell me about your musical interests.  Just remember, this is my first attempt at this blog thing, for now you should assume that everyone will see what you write.  I will give you some more information as we progress.

What do you like/play?]]>
<![CDATA[I have never done a blog before...maybe I will post about class...things that happen that are awesome, or not so much.  Perhaps I will post something to think about...a joke...a riddle.  Maybe you can give me some ideas of what to write about......]]>Thu, 27 Aug 2015 23:41:58 GMThttp://seekellmath.weebly.com/blog/i-have-never-done-a-blog-beforemaybe-i-will-post-about-classthings-that-happen-that-are-awesome-or-not-so-much-perhaps-i-will-post-something-to-think-abouta-jokea-riddle-maybe-you-can-give-me-some-ideas-of-what-to-write-about